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Movie set WFDiF

Documentary and Feature Film Studios (WFDiF) presents a unique educational space, created in the magical world of the movie set. The project “Movie Set” is education in an especially attractive location combined with experiencing the most interesting elements of movie production in a format friendly to young audiences.

The “Movie Set” educational space and active Exhibition was created in one of the studio set buildings of WFDiF. As part of the film education program, activities going far beyond what is traditionally understood as film lessons have been created. Tour participants will have the opportunity to discover the inside story of the movie makers’ profession and to see real movie set construction and make-up.

The guided tour is an attractive film lesson illustrated by sound and multimedia materials. It was created with the purpose of supporting school programs in the area of elements regarding film education, it also contains extracurricular features in the areas of historical, citizenship, media, cultural and artistic education.

A visit to the “Movie Set” Exhibition is a matchless opportunity to personally touch the world of film and to see it from the perspective of professionals working as part of a well-organized team on the movie set. It is also an introduction to the seldom seen inside world of film production which is fascinating to every cinema aficionado.