Współpraca wfdif przy filmie pt. „beginning”

Współpraca WFDiF przy filmie pt. „Beginning”


Film Laboratory WFDiF, which deals with, among others, processing of color and black and white 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film materials, for about a year, together with the Postproduction Department, they cooperated on the international production of "Beginning", the shooting of which was made by the cinematographer Arseni Khachaturan. At WFDiF, development, telekino and film scanning took place.

“WFDiF in Warsaw developed and scanned daily materials. They did a great job and provided quick handling of the daily stuff we downloaded every week from their servers. The scanning was done in 4K resolution ”- recalls operator Arseni Khachaturan.

For his film "Beginning", director Dea Kulumbegashvili won, among others FIPRESCI at the 45th Toronto International Film Festival, and at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, the picture was honored with the Golden Seashell Award for Best Picture, the Jury Award for Best Screenplay, and the Silver Seashell Award for Best Director and Best Actress.

"The beauty of filming is that the images come out of the lab, they look fantastic," notes Khachaturan. Looking at the shots from the film, it is impossible not to agree with him!

The WFDiF laboratory is the only one in Poland to have the KODAK recommendation in the field of chemical treatment of negative and positive colored materials.