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MOVIE SET - new edition

MOVIE SET - 70 Years of WFDiF
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of WFDiF, we invite you to a new MOVIE SET exibition, where, surrounded by unique scenery, costumes and props, the participants and visitors will get to know little-known film professions and the most interesting processes of film production.
The narrative of the tour was inspired by the history of the Documentary and Feature Film Studio, which created the Film Chronicles, and produced many excellent documentaries, feature films and theatre productions.
Among the attractions of the MOVIE SET are:
  • VR show,
  • fitting of film costumes
  • multimedia educational tasks,
  • screenings of making of materials,
  • a passage through an unusual underground tunnel, which leads to the apartment of the protagonist of one of the plays in the series Teatroteka Młodego Człowieka (Teatroteka of the Young Man)




tel:  +48 22 559 32 28, + 48 22 559 32 06




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The project "70 anniversary of WFDiF" is co-financed by Polish Film Institute.