The WFDiF film lab performs editing of film material in colour and black and white 35mm and 16mm formats.

The production techniques employed by us take advantage of both, the „traditional” technology of film processing as well as modern Digital Intermediate technology.

We offer, among others, chemical processing of film image negatives, copy services for many types of film, negative film image editing, image processing (analogue or digital), image exposure onto negative film, negative sound recording.

Thanks to the most up-to-date equipment for film processing that we own, and to the world class specialists who operate it, we are able to ensure the very high quality of our products and services.

We enjoy the recommendation of KODAK Corp. in the area of chemical processing of colour positive and negative materials. This process is monitored periodically by KODAK Film Technology Center in Chalon, France. .


  • Colour correction - Discreet Lustre
  • Image exposure onto 35 mm negative  – ARRILASER
  • Image negative developing. At the WFDiF film laboratory, it is possible to perform chemical processing of all colour and black and white negative materials available on the market, 16 and 35 mm, KODAK and FUJI. 
  • Sound negative processing
  • Image negative editing