The screenplay writing course “Script Factory” is a WFDiF project realized as part of the institution’s educational function. “Script Factory” was launched in the fall/winter semester of 2013/1. The first class to graduate from the two year course consists of 12 students. Recruitment for the next edition is presently open to 21-24 students.


The third edition of the “Script Factory” course will take two years to complete (from October 2015 until the end of May 2017 with a break from June-September 2016) in a cycle of monthly 3-day sessions-meetings. The system of intensive 3-day meetings once a month (Thursday-Saturday from 10:00-18:00 with an hour for lunch at 14:00) will enable the student to work independently between meetings and will facilitate fitting studying in with other professional and private obligations. Tuition fees are charged for taking the course.

Auditoriums and other facilities belonging to WFDiF at 21 Chełmska Street are available for use by the students, as is the service/production infrastructure of the Studios in order to expose future screenwriters to real-world film production settings.

Upon graduation, a diploma will be awarded and a finished feature film screenplay prepared by the student, consulted and tutored by the Course instructor to which WFDiF will hold copyright ownership for a period of five years.

Details regarding candidate selection can be found in rekrutacja tab.